Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    Organizing your next garage door maintenance routine doesn’t need to be off-putting.

    Plan things so you have enough time to run over your entire garage.

    With a garage door system made up of many parts, you mustn’t miss one aspect.

    Missing one aspect can turn your efforts to as good as none.

    Missing out on the smaller details of your garage door can mean not seeing some small damages.

    You also miss the chance to mitigate and lessen your repair issues and costs.

    Let this guide be a list of the maintenance steps for your garage door.

    Never miss out on a box or a point.

    You should account for and maintain every screw and cable that holds things in place.

    The goal is that, by the end of your maintenance, your Garage Door Maintenance Checklist is complete.

    The Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    There are many parts of a garage door that needs maintenance.

    This is a checklist of parts that you need to maintain regularly.

    Rest assured that well-maintained garage doors produce fewer issues in the future.

    Clean and inspect the garage door

    Maintain the sanitation and cleanliness of your garage by cleaning all parts of the garage door.

    You can choose to do a wipe down or a complete wash of necessary parts.

    Check for debris, pests, and grime that pooled in hidden corners and crevices.

    You can opt to vacuum these parts to get the dirt easier.

    These are the parts of the garage door that need cleaning.

    • Garage door panels i.e. wooden panel, glass partitions, metal slabs
    • Finishing and painting of the panel
    • Garage door tracks
    • Garage door rollers
    • Garage door cables for frays and loose ends
    • Garage door handles

    Lubricate moving parts of the garage door

    The garage door has plenty of moving parts.

    They are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door to the ground.

    Usual issues with moving parts include lack of lubrication and irregular cleaning.

    Lubricate these parts to guarantee that they work smoothly.

    • Garage door rollers (except nylon rollers) at the side of the door
    • Garage door springs and their respective bearing plates
    • Garage door hinges that connect panels
    • Garage door opener drivers (i.e. chain) and rotating gears

    Purchase a lubricant that works well with your moving parts.

    Avoid using oil lubricants as they can make your maintenance time messy.

    The sticky substance can also be hard to remove after it drips.

    Tighten and stabilize hardware

    The hardware keeps all the necessary parts in place.

    Always check out for loose hardware that can result in safety issues over time.

    • Screws
    • Nuts
    • Bolts
    • Brackets
    • Drums
    • Bars
    • Supports

    Test the safety features of the garage door

    Garage doors have safety and emergency measures.

    These are standard to all kinds of garage doors as per the order of ordinances and standards.

    Make sure that these measures are in impeccable condition to keep your garage safe.

    • Motion sensors or photo-eyes at the foot of the garage door track
    • Emergency cables within extension springs
    • Wire coats and protection accessories in the opener
    • Smartphone changes for any garage door opener password setting
    • Auto-reverse function of the garage door

    Perform the necessary refurbishments

    There are some things you need to constantly replace.

    Though they are minor parts of the garage door, you need to refurbish them from time to time.

    • Batteries for the remote
    • Lightbulbs in the garage door opener

    Other garage door services

    Extensions of the Garage Door Maintenance Checklist are the other necessary services.

    We know that checking the garage door can point out a lot of its condition to you.

    You might find your maintenance check with damage detections.

    It’s not uncommon to find things you’ll need to replace or repair.

    The best thing to do is call professionals to discuss your next garage door appointment.

    Call professionals for additional garage door upgrades

    The Garage Door Maintenance Checklist has a wide scope.

    Maintaining a garage door entails real work and effort.

    However, no matter how taxing it is physically, it’s necessary to perform these steps.

    We are Garage Door Pros San Francisco and we can help you with all these maintenance steps.

    We all need a helping hand to bring back the pristine condition of garage doors.

    If you need another set of hands, just give us a call.

    We also offer Garage Door Repair services in San Francisco and nearby areas.

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