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    Garage Door Repair San Francisco


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    Prompt and professional service. Had the material on hand and was able to fix our garage door on the same day. Thank you!
    Mike Gerschefske


    These guys were fantastic! They came out to check on my garage door and made a quick repair for free. When that (unfortunately) didn't fix the issue, they returned for more dramatic measures. They were very honest and friendly. I highly recommend.
    Nicole Resnick


    Great install. Everything went really smooth and they even had parts to do a last minute door bottom gasket replacement. Openers are whisper quiet compared to our old screw drive units and love the smart phone app interface. Thanks!
    Bob Norris


    Professional and Locally Owned!

    We are based locally and can offer the following services and more. Get in touch for a free estimate now!

    Automatic garage doors are awesome, but only if they work properly! We know all about their motors to keep them running smoothly.

    Installing A New Garage Door in San Francisco

    When these are damaged they can be annoying and dangerous! There are essential to the garage door mechanism and not getting this repaired quickly can risk injury in the long run too.

    Garage Door Opener Repair

    They get a hell of a lot of use so it’s not surprising they get worn. We fix these all the time so let our engineers take a look – this should be an easy one for them.

    These moving parts often go wrong. No need to worry, our engineers specialize in these!

    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    A small part that is critical for your garage door mechanism. These can be fiddly, so best let our engineers take a look.

    We fix or install garage doors in larger commercial properties in San Francisco. We know how important these are for your business so get the job done fast!

    Garage Door Installation

    Installing an overhead door requires meticulous attention to detail to make the overall mechanism work.

    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

    Most of us rely on the convenience of the garage door’s automatic opener to easily pull in and out of the garage.

    Garage Door Pros San Francisco

    With customers at the heart of our business we always strive to achieve flawless customer service, leaving you satisfied 100%.

    Being a local company, we know the San Francisco area inside and out and can be with you in less than an hour. We offer a great service at an affordable price, because everyone deserves a garage door that is faultless!

    Are you experiencing garage door issues? Beware fixing these things by yourself, very often customers make their garage door worse and that means we have to spend more time fixing it. The best advice we can give is to call now for a free chat and estimate of the work cost. Then we will send out our professionals to take a look! Why wait?

    Garage Door Repair San Francisco

    We guarantee

    Even the best quality garage doors need maintenance and occasional repairs. When this happens, you need to know who you can call and trust. We always strive to provide immediate support and solutions as quickly as possible.

    Highest quality

    We provide the most trusted service in San Francisco and our delighted customers can back that up. Our brand is focused on excellence, 100%.

    Garage Door Installation

    The best tech

    We always use the best equipment and parts to provide an excellent service every time. Its at the core of our business!


    We are the garage door company you can trust! Fully licensed, highly qualified professionals, with the best tools and parts – you know you’re getting only the best.

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    Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance Professionals

    In San Francisco there is nobody better. With highly qualified professionals using the best tools and parts, is it so hard to believe? Call now, see for yourself.

    • Stuck Door
    • How much?
    • Can I do it?
    • Insulated?
    • Noisy?

    Why is my door stuck?

    This could be a number of things from overhead track being lodged or locked, to broken springs or simply off the track.

    What’s the repair cost?

    This is a tough one because each job is different and depends on the make and style. An expensive garage door can mean a more expensive repair.

    Can I fix it myself?

    Sometimes its easy and then sure thing. Sometimes you need specific tools, knowledge, and replacement parts. We always recommend to get a professional to take a look to avoid any extra costs!

    Should I get insulation?

    These aren’t for everyone but because of the climate in San Francisco they sure are popular. As a recommendation? We think you should get insulated!

    Why is my door so loud?

    This could be a number of things and all can lead to annoying noises. These can be caused by loose bolts, lack of lubrication, broken springs or misaligned tracks and all can cause further damage. Easiest solution? Let us take a look!

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    Garage Door Spring Installation

    Garage Door Spring Installation

    The garage door spring is an important part of a garage door system. Its function involves lifting and supporting the heavy garage door in place.

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    Garage door servicing in San Francisco

    They might look straight forward but they generally use a complicated mechanism hidden from sight.

    This is exactly why you should call us. We know garage doors inside out and know all of the tricks to get them working their best.

    Within the San Francisco area we always have an engineer available.

    If you don’t trust your DIY skills then let us take over. Give us a call and tell us your problem.

    Maintenance and DIY

    While it can be challenging, some overhead style are still quite simple. Here’s a few tips:

    Inspect the tracks and rollers

    You might also like to give these a clean as any dirt of debris can reduce the efficiency of the rollers. Need a replacement? Give us a call!

    Tightening parts

    Loose screws or nuts and bolts can lead to a faulty garage door. Using the proper tools, tighten any loose bolts.

    Testing the balance

    Modern doors are made to be easy and simple. A small amount of force is all that’s needed to open them. To see if the balance is off, try a simple test to see.

    What can San Francisco Garage Door professionals do?

    Overhead door issues should be fixed as soon as possible. A simple issue with the mechanism can break the whole door. Here are some simple fixes we specialize in:

    The door is noisy

    This is one of the most common reasons for upgrading and the most common complaint. Even a small noise can be due to a major problem. We use modern tools and the highest trained engineers to diagnose your problem and get it fixed quickly. This can be done in under an hour!

    Frozen garage door

    This is usually too difficult for DIYers and so we often see these. They can be tricky to fix without the know how and correct tools. If you think your garage door is frozen and you’re in San Francisco, give us a call.

    Replacement glass

    Broken glass needs replacing but if it’s just dirty then you can give it a quick clean with water and soap. Vinegar is also great for removing those streaks. If you have damaged glass though, why risk injury? Let our professionals take care of the job.

    Worn out materials

    The mechanism is usually solid and durable but other parts are less so. Weather seals for example will gradually degrade over time. This is usually a simple replacement job and our engineers carry a range of parts with them. Chances are we can replace worn out parts on the same day.

    Garage door opener problem?

    Overhead wireless doors are super easy. Sometimes these have physical buttons and some are controlled by an app! When these automatic openers get relied on too much though, then you could get locked out by mistake! This can be a nightmare but luckily for you we are always available in San Francisco. Give us a call to let us know and we will be there as soon as we can.