Installing A New Garage Door in San Francisco

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    Installing A New Garage Door in San Francisco

    Installing a new garage door can improve your curb’s appeal and create a brand new look to your property’s exterior area in San Francisco.

    It also increases your home or commercial space’s overall safety, leading to daily convenience.

    While many garage door companies offer a complete package of installation services, it’s up to you whether to avail of them or not.

    Most garage door installation packages include the delivery of your newly purchased garage door, the dismantling of your old door, and the set-up of the new one.

    You have the option to get a convenient and professional service from a trusted garage door company near you or install your new garage door yourself.

    However, know that the installation process requires proper skills and tools.

    If you think you can perform it yourself, taking precautionary measures when doing the job is essential for your safety.

    Here’s how you can install a new garage door in San Francisco.

    Remove Existing Garage Door

    If you have an existing garage door, the first thing you have to do before installing a new one is to remove the old one.

    Garage doors have torsion springs that are under extreme tension.

    You have to release your existing garage door’s tension to avoid accidents and delays when setting up the newly purchased one.

    Remember that these tensioned springs can cause injuries and damages if mishandled.

    So, take extreme caution when dealing with them.

    You can begin by clamping the torsion spring shaft.

    After that, use the pliers to wedge against the header wall that is directly above your garage door.

    Place a steel rod inside a hole on the spring winding cone.

    This part normally has four holes for tightening and releasing.

    Clamp the rod tightly while loosening the set screws.

    Using the steel rods, release the spring slowly or one-quarter turn at a time.

    You may switch the two rods and use one to support the cone while the other turns the cone after removing the first rod.

    After releasing the tension, it’s time to disconnect your existing garage door opener and door from each other.

    Remove the door panels first.

    Remember to start at the top portion and take out all the hinges connecting the panel.

    Always be cautious when handling glass.

    Unscrew or unbolt the track from the doorframe to disconnect the two parts completely.

    If you’re unsure how to do it properly, you can always consult the experts for assistance.

    Set-up Your New Garage Door

    Now, you can start installing your new garage door.

    Remember that every garage door type requires different installation methods.

    Follow the manufacturer’s manual and ensure safety while performing the job.

    The following are the common steps you need to undertake to set-up a new garage door in San Francisco:

    • Install the Door Panels
    • Secure and Tighten the Hinges
    • Set-up the Tracks
    • Connect the Track and Spring Assembly
    • Fasten the Tracks Together
    • Attach the Springs
    • Install the Pulleys and Torsion Rod
    • Connect the Cable
    • Tighten Springs

    Performing all these steps takes a lot of time and hard work.

    Hence, you need to prepare yourself for the challenge and take action while ensuring safety.

    However, the best way to install a new garage door in San Francisco is to call a professional company.

    You won’t only save time and energy, but you can also ensure that your new garage door will get installed the right way.

    Watch this video to know more about installing a new garage door.

    Get in touch with Garage Door Pros San Francisco!

    Setting up  a garage door is a challenging task and is better left to the hands of professionals.

    While you can always choose to set-up your newly purchased garage door, some companies offer a complete installation service which is much favorable to you.

    That is what we do at Garage Door Pros San Francisco.

    Our company offers a comprehensive set of garage door models and designs which you can choose from.

    We also take responsibility for the installation, so you won’t need to worry about anything after the purchase.

    You can just relax and spend your time on other activities while we install your new and updated residential or commercial garage door.

    Don’t hesitate to get on the line with one of our customer service staff and book your appointment anytime.

    We work 24/7 and cater to all requests right away!

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