Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

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    Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

    There are many kinds of garage doors in the market.

    You can pick one according to your style and need.

    Others differ in function and materials, while others differ in their mechanism.

    If you have a garage roller door in your garage, it serves the same function in keeping your garage secured.

    So, imagine what happens with this scenario:

    The garage roller door gets stuck while your workday starts.

    What do you do then?

    This can be a source of hassle in your day.

    Fortunately, a garage roller door getting stuck is one of the most common issues with this type of garage door.

    You don’t have to worry too much.

    There are many ways to remedy the situation.

    Why do garage roller doors get stuck?

    There are many reasons why a garage roller gets stuck.

    With proper installation and service, it should work perfectly.

    Eventually, with time, it will experience a lot of use resulting in wear out.

    It is a common problem with garage roller doors.

    Track alignment issues

    The tracks of a garage roller door play a big part in its function.

    Since the door rolls up in the end, you need to make sure that the track is perfect.

    Alignment concerns often stem from the installation of the garage roller door.

    To know if your garage roller door has alignment concerns, pay attention to noises.

    A track that doesn’t align with the door can increase in noise gradually.

    Damages in the door tracks

    If there are dents and bents in the track, there’s a high chance the door gets stuck soon.

    The indentions will slow down the function of the garage roller door.

    If it becomes worse and gets more damaged over time, the garage door will not lift as you expect.

    For minor dents, you can fix it by yourself.

    For major dents, you’ll need help in repairing the door tracks.

    There are some obstructions and blocks

    Say, the door track is perfect.

    All the parts from the roller to the headroom are exemplary.

    The alignment is top-notch from installation.

    You’ve managed to maintain the tracks such that you mitigated the dents and the bents.

    What else could go wrong?

    If your garage roller door is still not participating well, there might be obstructions.

    This usually happens with loose hardware that got in the way of the door.

    It can also be from pests or dirt build-up that resulted in a stuck door.

    Either way, inspect the track well and clean it up when necessary.

    Pertinent door parts lack lubrication

    Part of the maintenance of a garage roller door is proper lubrication.

    Eventually, the track and the door rollers on the side will roughen up.

    You need to smoothen it out to lessen the door from getting stuck frequently.

    Lubrication guarantees that whatever moving parts the garage roller door has, moves well.

    The garage roller door needs a reset

    If all the hard parts of the garage roller door are accounted for, what could go wrong?

    Sometimes, it’s the settings you have placed within the remote and automation system.

    If you have accidentally set the door to stop halfway, it will do exactly that.

    Consult the manual of your garage roller door to know how to reset it.

    The garage roller door is old

    A garage roller door grows old too.

    Recall when you had your door installed.

    If it has served a lot of time, it will be prone to weathering and wearing out.

    Rust and discolorations should be evident.

    Unfortunately, they also contribute to the decreasing function of the door.

    Meaning, the older the door is with all these external conditions, the more it will be stuck.

    If it’s time for you to let it go, consider your options first.

    You can always call for a garage door repair or a new garage door installation.

    Either way, we give you affordable work with both.

    Who can you call for help in case it stays stuck? You can call us for help!

    A garage roller door getting stuck can cause concern.

    Don’t worry as help is always around in San Francisco.

    We are Garage Door Pros San Francisco, available in the Bay Area.

    Our services are within your reach so you don’t need to worry about the rates.

    We want to help you achieve a seamless garage roller door experience in your garage.

    If your roller door is still stuck and you’ve done all remedies, contact us!

    We will be with you shortly.

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