Garage Door Spring Installation

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    Garage Door Spring Installation

    The garage door spring is an important part of a garage door system.

    Its function involves lifting and supporting the heavy garage door in place.

    A damaged garage door spring can lead to complications in your garage door.

    It’s best to keep it in good condition to make sure it works well.

    If you have an impaired garage door spring, you’ll have a challenging time with the door itself.

    What happens if the spring is old and you need to say goodbye to it?

    You’ll need to book a reliable Garage Door Spring Installation.

    Having a brand new spring can work wonders for your garage door.

    You don’t need to constantly worry about the spring as it should last another 10,000 cycles.

    A new spring can guarantee around ten or more years of use.

    That’s just for the low end of the expected number of cycles.

    More high-end and heavy-duty springs can last more than a decade of constant utility.

    Two types of garage door spring: torsion spring and extension spring

    There are two kinds of garage door springs common to all kinds of garage doors.

    These are the torsion spring and extension spring.

    Each type of spring has its own pros and cons.

    What’s important is that they fit your garage door needs and keep stable support.

    Torsion spring

    This kind of spring is usually placed on top of the garage door frame.

    A torsion spring works with torque force within the coils.

    It is wound around a torsion bar which  rotates back and forth using the torque force from the coils.

    When a door is open, the torsion spring is in a released state.

    Closing it rotates that torsion spring back into a state with torque.

    Pro: Torsion spring is more durable for heavy-duty doors.

    Con: You need proper headroom space on top of the garage door frame.

    Extension spring

    The extension springs aren’t on top of the garage door.

    They run perpendicular to a closed garage door.

    When the door is open, the springs and door panels are parallel.

    Extension springs are usually mounted on the garage ceiling along with the opener.

    The extension springs are attached to a pulley which coils the cable that lifts the door.

    When you open the door, the springs are in a relaxed state.

    When you close the garage door, the spring stretches to keep the connection cable in place.

    Pro: It’s a reliable spring that comes at affordable prices.

    Con: Extension springs need an additional safety feature in emergency cases.

    These springs are more prone to breaking and snapping inside the garage.

    Having durable and heavy-duty springs is one thing.

    Getting proper installation and service is another.

    Make sure you invest in Garage Door Spring Installation too.

    You don’t want to accidentally shorten the life span of your spring because of mishaps in its installation.

    The right kind of garage door spring for your next installation

    The question boils down to this:

    Which garage door spring should I get for my Garage Door Spring Installation service?

    You need to break down and decide which works best for your door.

    If you have a garage door that is heavier in weight and material, the torsion spring can support it better.

    If you want to go for more budget-friendly springs with a lighter garage door, go for extension springs.

    No matter what kind of spring you choose to install, Garage Door Pros San Francisco is here to assist you.

    Which work should you choose: a DIY or proper installation service

    We know that saving money is important.

    However, a spring installation isn’t a light job.

    You are exposing yourself to safety hazards with forces that can come from new springs.

    With a DIY, you have to do everything by yourself.

    If you have zero experience, you need to practice extra safety with your installation.

    With a proper installation service, you have the work secured with vast experience.

    We’ve given our services to many homes in San Francisco.

    Rest assured that we do our installations seamlessly and safely.

    Our goal is for you to have reliable springs that last as long as possible.

    For your next garage door spring, contact us!

    We are Garage Door Pros San Francisco.

    We offer Garage Door Spring Installation services for you.

    If you plan to change your spring to a newer unit or you want to switch to another type, you can call us.

    We will work with you in making sure that your garage doors have proper support.

    We are available for you in the Bay Area.

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