Garage Door Won’t Close

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    Garage Door Won't Close

    You may experience this problem once or a couple of times in your life.

    The garage door failed to close.

    This isn’t a new problem.

    It can happen at any time.

    However, there are more home problems that this can pose to you.

    Because your garage door won’t close, you are decreasing the security of your garage because of this.

    If you’ll have any concerns, it will lean more on the fact that anybody can get into your residence.

    An open garage can be an invitation to strangers to a vulnerable home.

    If your garage door won’t close, it is urgent to find a solution for it.

    Garage Door Pros San Francisco can help you in closing down that door.

    We are always a call away to help solve the source of uneasiness from your problem.

    Steps in checking a malfunctioning garage door

    There are initial steps you can take to solve the problem.

    With garage doors, proper inspection and meticulous service are key to bring it back to its prime.

    You can do a self-check first to make sure that the problem isn’t caused by minor factors.

    Step 1: Inspect the motion sensors at the bottom of the track

    The motion sensors are some inches up the foot of the garage door track.

    It is responsible for detecting anything that causes obstacles on the path.

    If it detects an object, it hinders the doors from opening.

    Make sure that sensors are clear and have functional lenses to scope the area.

    If it’s the sensors causing the problem, then your door is fine.

    You’ll need to repair or recalibrate its function.

    Step 2: Check the torsion or extension springs at the top or side

    The torsion springs are responsible for the force to pull up the door.

    If it’s broken, it can either keep the door from lifting or keep it in the same open position.

    Damages in the springs call for a spring replacement.

    After that, your garage door should close seamlessly.

    Step 3: Examine the garage door tracks for any obstacles

    If there is something stuck in the rails of the rollers, the door remains open.

    This is usually a result of tons of dirt build-up, indicating irregular maintenance.

    Clean the tracks and lubricate the parts to keep them as moveable as possible.

    Always remember to schedule maintenance lubrication for your garage door parts.

    This lessens the possible issues after.

    Step 4: Look at the motor of the garage door opener

    The garage door motor is the mechanism mainly responsible for opening or closing the door.

    If your motor is burned out and has stopped working, then the mechanism working the garage door is directly affected.

    Find the manual switch emergency switch that acts as a back-up for door function.

    A problem with the motor also requires a repair service for the motor itself.

    It’s best to call for professionals to fix any motor or power-related concerns.

    Safety hazards and personal security should be your priority.

    Step 5: Recalibrate the remote control of your garage door

    Oftentimes, we focus so much on the garage door.

    We fail to check the remote control and the settings connected to the garage door.

    Instead of real concern, you have a false alarm.

    Don’t forget to check the remote and see if it is functioning.

    Maybe, the culprit of your malfunctioning garage door is just dead batteries.

    Maybe, the settings connected to your smartphones were accidentally reset.

    If you are faced with this concern, at least you know the garage doors are perfectly fine.

    Professional repair service for your garage door

    Damages to the door panels, door tracks, and the motor can lead to serious repair work.

    These issues result in a stubborn garage door in your residence.

    Professional service guarantees that your garage door closes.

    Here at Garage Door Pros San Francisco, we offer reliable service any time if you have a tight schedule.

    The important part is that your door closes down after we perform our services in your place.

    Keep your garage safe.

    Call us to handle your issues when a garage door won’t close.

    We are around the Bay Area to help you anytime!

    We are Garage Door Pros San Francisco and we’ve been giving garage door services for a long time.

    We are experts that can deal with any issues with your garage door.

    We know that Garage Door Repair services and Garage Door Installation works can be very technical for a layman.

    There’s no need to add to the confusion of having a malfunctioning door.

    You can contact us in San Francisco for your garage door problems.

    We promise to be with you within the hour.

    Expect 100% full quality service and efficiency from our team.

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