Garage Door Making Noise

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    Garage Door Making Noise

    There are moments when a garage door poses issues to your garage.

    Instead of a quiet and comfortable space, a noisy garage door can ruin that atmosphere.

    A noisy garage door also adds a certain sense of alarm to you.

    Why else would you experience a garage door making noise unless there’s something wrong, right?

    We know the uneasy feeling that unexpected and weird sounds can indicate.

    The safety and security of the door might not be as at par as it was before.

    You don’t need to worry for too long.

    Here at Garage Door Pros San Francisco, we are present to help you with the concern.

    Initial things you can do with a noisy door

    First, you need an initial check of the hardware and premises within your garage.

    The sounds may not be an alarming concern.

    Don’t miss out on any of these parts:

    • Door panels
    • Door tracks
    • All hardware i.e. screws, nuts, bolts, lifts, hinges, etc.
    • Torsion springs
    • Extension springs
    • Opener driver and motor
    • Supports
    • Cables
    • Wiring

    If there are easily removable dirt and grime from the track, try to wipe it off.

    If there are pests on the way adding to the noise, brush them away.

    It may just be an object stuck in the path of the garage door that creates the noise.

    Second, try inspecting for power-related issues.

    Usually, for power concerns, this can come from your home and eventually lead to garage issues.

    If you can remedy the minor situation, there’s no need to stress out.

    If you have tried doing a thorough inspection and the garage door is making noise, still, it’s time to get help.

    How you can fix minor noise complications

    For minor concerns, it’s simple to take care of the noise.

    You’re dealing with simple wearing out from the parts.

    Tightening loose hardware

    First, get your screwdrivers and other relevant tools.

    Tighten all the loose bolts and screws that can be the source of the sounds.

    Most of the time, because of constant use, the hardware loosens up and moves away.

    Secure them tightly in place.

    Sometimes, the most unlikely loose hardware pieces are the ones creating noises.

    Lubricating the moving parts

    Second, get proper lubrication for your garage door parts.

    The noise may result from grimy and rough parts working together.

    This should lessen squeaking sounds from the garage door.

    You can do this by yourself or employ professionals.

    Consider it as maintenance for your garage door system.

    Cleaning the garage door

    Sometimes, cleaning the door itself solves the issue.

    A garage door also needs constant cleaning to function smoothly.

    Give your garage door a good wipe down.

    This can take away possible dirt and weathering signs that make your door noisy.

    These are some of the things you can do by yourself.

    If you are still not sure, it’s best to call us to help you fix all concerns with the garage door making noise.

    When to call for professional service

    There are times when the sounds serve as a warning to you.

    For any of these scenarios, call help in San Francisco immediately.

    The noisy garage door can succumb to more damages and you can put yourself in danger.

    Refrain from using the garage door and power it off first before we arrive to help you.

    • The garage door is difficult to open or close
    • There is an obvious weigh down when you lift the garage door
    • There are weird burning smells in your garage
    • There are damages to the hanging parts like springs, cables, and loose track partitions
    • The garage door is hanging unevenly
    • There was a loud snapping sound from the garage
    • The last tune-up and maintenance of the garage door was more than a year ago

    Some of these concerns spell out more serious damages to your garage door.

    If you don’t call for service, your garage door might break down worse.

    Bring your garage door back to its quiet condition! Call us for its next inspection and repair.

    Garage Door Pros San Francisco can help you with noisy concerns.

    It’s not unusual to have a noisy garage door.

    A Garage Door Repair service in San Francisco can serve as the solution for this debacle.

    We also help with noisy commercial garage doors for business establishments.

    Sometimes the parts and mechanisms create a sound level that indicates full functionality.

    If unexpected noises persist, you can call us to inspect your garage door.

    There’s no need to dwell on the concern.

    We are here to offer affordable help to your garage door making noise.

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